collateral-damage.pngA importância de um trabalho colectivo como este Collateral Damage é facilmente compreensível:

After more than a year of reporting and research, combing through thousands of foreign lobbying records and haggling with government officials over Freedom of Information Act requests, we have published one of the most comprehensive resources on U.S. military aid and asãsistance in the post-9/11 era. “Collateral Damage” couples the reporting of 10 of the world’s leading investigative journalists on four continents with a powerful database combining U.S. military assistance, foreign lobbying expenditures, and human rights abuses into a single, easily accessible toolkit.

Hoje são tornadas públicas as conclusões sobre a secção Médio Oriente (Israel, Jordânia, Turquia), amanhã, as relativas à Ásia (Indonésia, Paquistão, Filipinas, Tailândia, Uzebequistão) e, a 5 de Junho, o contexto colombiano.

Imperdível e para arquivar.