ponte.jpgFaço minhas as palavras do Jorge Massada:

“A velha Ponte Pênsil que uniu o Porto e Gaia desde 1843 durante 45 anos está de volta.

É um regresso virtual mas o projecto venceu o Prémio Secil Universidades 2006.

Vale a pena ler em Ciência Hoje“.


O testemunho de Francis Collins sobre a conversão ao cristianismo e por que o ateísmo não é obrigatório para os homens e mulheres da ciência. The Believer, artigo no Salon.

Artigo para ler no Christian Science Monitor:

Technology could reduce the risk by a third, but at a cost of $1.1 billion to the industry.

What would it mean if Jesus did have sex and let his DNA loose into the general population? How special would that make his would-be descendants, such as the fictional Da Vinci code-breaker Sophie Neveu? Ler »»

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab, a pioneering research facility in the digital technologies field, will tap a 1.4 petabyte IP storage array to help aid a three-year study into early-childhood development. Ler a notícia »»

For centuries, humans have looked to the heavens for their gods and goddesses and clues for finding the nature of the universe. Now, the largest ever-produced map of the universe gives those lost in the dark some direction, but is also confirms that the universe is full of dark energy, a strange force pushing galaxies apart at ever faster speeds. Saber mais »»

27 images from the history of illustrated medicine, mostly anatomy, from medieval diagrammatic depictions of humans in the frog-like positions typical of that time to the medical books of the 1800's with paper intestines on foldable flaps.

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