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Yahoo Inc. takes the next step to realize its vision of combining human advice with machine automation to offer more relevant ways of searching the Web. It is using the millions of human suggestions from its recently introduced Yahoo Answers to complement the mathematically organized features of its core search system.


This survey has been developed as a part of graduate communications research at American University, and is being conducted by Leika Lewis (candidate for the degree of Master of Arts) under the direction of Dr. Jane Twomey. Between March 27 and April 10, public relations professionals will be asked to complete questions about their use of internet technology. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

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Polls are among the most telling expressions of bias in the media. They are very often agenda-driven, used to make a political point, or to pile on a favorite target: Deceptive Polling, por Roger Aronoff.

Fonte: Media Monitor – AIM