Redes Sociais

Journalist Zenone Sovilla founded publishing company Nonluoghi Libere Edizioni (the name approximately means "Non-Places Free Editions") in 2002 after two years' experience running an online community called, which he created to discuss social and political issues, with particular attention to the relationships between democracy and information. Saber mais »»


Mitch Kapor has been a commercial disc jockey, Transcendental Meditation teacher, mental health worker, and computer programmer. He bought an Apple II personal computer in 1978 and, four years later, founded Lotus Development Corp., creating software known as Lotus 1-2-3, which enabled personal computers to be deployed in the business world. Ler mais>>

launching summer 2006, wire23 is an international network to share ideas and experiences among professionals in the internet industry. members will include pundits, evangelists, designers, developers, e-commerce experts, marketers, pro-bloggers, publishers and other web-related professions.

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