Ha nacido en medio de un interminable debate sobre el futuro de la prensa escrita en la era de Internet. Es el primer periódico en soporte digital y de fácil transporte del planeta, se llama De Tijd y es belga. Es negro, pequeño (una altura de 2 centímetros por 14,8 de ancho) y bastante ligero. Se puede llevar bajo el brazo a cualquier parte y podría suponer el inicio del fin de los periódicos tal y como los conocemos hasta ahora. No es el futuro, ya está aquí. Saber mais »»

O desafio:

Silicon Valley needs to be at the forefront of deploying and using the latest wireless technologies. Many of the companies that invent and manufacture wireless networking chips, equipment, and appliances are located here. Silicon Valley should be a destination for people from around the world to learn about how wireless technologies can be deployed and put to productive use.

Mitch Kapor has been a commercial disc jockey, Transcendental Meditation teacher, mental health worker, and computer programmer. He bought an Apple II personal computer in 1978 and, four years later, founded Lotus Development Corp., creating software known as Lotus 1-2-3, which enabled personal computers to be deployed in the business world. Ler mais>>

"[A] decade later, ["A Declaration of Rights in Cyberspace" still] feels both impetuous and important. Serious questions remain. Was it accurate? Is Cyberspace naturally anti-sovereign? If so, is that a good thing?".  Ler mais>>

Ubiquitous computing is no longer a mirage. The time to consider its implications is now, while we still have the opportunity to decide how it should be integrated into our lives.

Uma introdução ao novo livro de Adam Greenfield, Everyware.